“更好的家”是迪拜最大和历史最悠久的房地产公司,由我们的董事长 林达. 马洪尼 于西元1986年成立。三十多年来,更好的家 致力在协助我们的客户在迪拜和阿布达比购买,出售和出租房产,我们的的服务原则始终建立在与客户间诚信与提供专业的房地产知识上。

如今,更好的家集团由一群英国籍的管理团队经营,我们在迪拜和阿布达比一共有五个办公地点 与 150多位持有合法执照的专业经纪人。我们的涵盖的业务项目绝对可以满足您对所有物业的需求: 从期房(预售屋包) 买卖二手房买卖商店土地办公大楼租赁( 长组或短租) 与整栋大楼的物业管理和物业转让等。我们在这个行业已经获奖无数(. 我们更是是开发商 依玛尔的联盟金牌会员。




Betterhomes is the largest and oldest real estate company in Dubai, established in 1986 by our chairman Linda Mahoney. For over 30 years, Betterhomes has been helping our clients buy, sell and rent property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and we have built our business on the corner stones of integrity, trust, professionalism and knowledge.

Today, the Betterhomes Group is run by a British Senior Management Team and has over 150 brokers operating in five office locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We cater to all of our clients’ property requirements from off-plan and secondary market sales, to leasing and property management, and conveyancing. We have been recognised with multiple industry awards and proud to have a strong relationship with the UAE’s trusted developers.

We have a dedicated team to service Chinese-speaking clients headed up by Chen Stuart. If you are considering investing in Dubai property and would like to know more please contact on 600 52 2233.

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