EJARI is an Arabic word which means “My Rent”. But in the emirate of Dubai this represents a new legislative initiative issued by Real Estate regulatory Authority (RERA). According to this law all landlords, property management companies and land lord representatives have to obtain EJARI certification in order to become authorized landlord to rent or lease their assets. This is a revolutionary system that aims to regulate rental market of the real estate sector. It is a new brand system that design new sections of law number 26 of 2007 that was made to regulate relationship between land lord and tenants. All individuals and real estate companies working as landlords have to register tenancy agreements using EJARI.

What is EJARI?

According to RERA with the effect of EJARI from 14th March 2010, every tenant and landlord will have to get their rental and lease contracts registered through EJARI. It is an electronic web registration portal, which is exclusively designed to execute the legal requirements as well as vision and mission of establishing a strong regulatory system to control rental market in the emirate. This regulatory system is established to protect rights of everyone involved in rental deals.

Main Objectives of EJARI

It is a modern online registration system that ensures full protection of rights of all parties via tenancy agreement. The regulatory system also guarantees that all government agencies are enforced to recognize and support the rights. The system is aim to create transparency between landlord and tenants. With implementation of this regulatory system Real Estate Regulatory Authority is trying to convert rental contracts in a proper legal framework. Besides this, it enables both the parties to revise rental contracts without any difficulty in case of arguments. This regulatory system displays complete portfolio of any landlords and his asset. Such portfolio is very helpful for new tenants showing them important data like renewals, transfers, cancellations and terminations of previous contracts. Such facts are very important for a tenant to know before signing rental contracts.

Important Features and Benefits of EJARI System

The system is designed to equally serve both the parties of rental contract and provide protection to landlords, tenants and property management companies. This system also aims to setup a clear payment system to protect both parties at the time of advance rental payments. A rent receipt is provided upon completion of registration process. Registering your rental contract with this web based regulatory portal standardize the rental contract making it easy and time saving. It saves you to spend time making documents. This system plays key role to build and maintain trusted, regulatory community environment in real estate industry in Dubai. Major benefits, this system offer to real estate industry are as follows:

  • Anyone can access to the official updated information of emirate’s rental properties.
  • This system successfully manages to legalize the process of tenancy by issuing standard rent receipts.
  • It also protects the rights of landlords and tenants by a proper tenancy contract detail.
  • Both the parties can review the whole contract in case arguments.


EJARI is an internet based application designed to facilitate legal process of property leasing and its documentation. Its major aim is to support tenants, landlords and management companies. It works with RERA to provide total solutions of property leasing issues of rental market of Dubai. It benefits tenants by providing them a central and authorized platform, where they can get their tenancy contracts regulated.