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On the 6th October, Betterhomes hosted the BIGGEST Open House the UAE has ever seen.

We gave you:

Including massive price reductions and zero agency fees!

With over 3000

properties to choose from, we hope you found your ideal home!

  • // Green Community Phase 3 \\
  • // Larimar (Almarri Apartments) \\
  • // Al Ferdous Complex \\
  • // 100s of exclusive listings \\
  • // Exclusive mortgage products \\
  • // Mortgage advisors in branch \\
  • // 10% off conveyancing fee \\
  • // Offers are available on selected properties at the agreement of the owner \\
  • // To avail an offer on a selected property the tenancy agreement or Form F (MOU) must be signed within 48 hours of the event unless an extension is agreed with the owner \\
  • // 10% reduction in conveyancing fees is available on any unit viewed on the day of the event and a Form F is subsequently entered in to by the buyer \\

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