Dubai Hotel Appartments

Dubai is the fastest growing cities of UAE but besides this, it is also a land of opportunities for jobseekers, investors and business personals. World class shopping malls and tax free shopping makes this place a heaven for shoppers around the world. Due to such activities this city is one of the most participating cities in Middle East. Huge number of people visiting Dubai during the whole year needs accommodation place for their stay at Dubai. There are number of different accommodation options available for tourists and visitors at different prices and conditions.

A hotel apartment is highly suitable accommodation place for long and short stay in Dubai. Like hotel room, a hotel apartment can booked on rent for a single day, a week and few months or even for a year depending on the duration of your stay. A hotel apartment is much cheaper alternative as compared to luxury hotels in Dubai, but it is little more expensive than standard apartments. Hotel apartments provide exclusively furnished living space equipped with all primary facilities provided by conventional hotels. These apartments are available in different sizes, Standard of living and diverse price range.

Hotel apartment is a kind of short term accommodation option that has become popular among tourists and businessmen. Dubai Hotel apartments are located all over the city; you can find hotel apartments in almost all areas of the city. If you compare hotel apartments in Dubai with luxury hotels you will find that they lack lavishness of super luxury hotels. But still guest feels more at home than even a 5-star hotel of this city. Another advantage of renting hotel apartment in Dubai is the fact that they are way cheaper than luxury hotels, and the longer you stay the better rates you will get. Due to these advantages, Dubai hotel apartments are also very popular among people visiting Dubai for first time and searching to find out some affordable alternative option other than hotels. This is very suitable for foreign workers working on short contracts.

Standard hotel apartments in Dubai are completely furnished and provide all basic amenities like furniture, fully functional kitchen and cleaning services. Besides offering basic facilities, top range hotel apartments offer higher luxury and comfort that include additional facilities like gym and swimming pool. Other factors that can affect the rent rate are type, size, location and luxury it offers. As compared to the hotels with same specifications, hotel apartments prove to be much cheaper accommodation solution. Hotel apartments can easily booked round-the-year and available whole year. Such advantages and reasons make hotel apartments more popular among tourists and visitors.

The booming tourism sector of Dubai has flourished hotel industry in Dubai in order to meet accommodation needs of tourists and holiday makers. Number of new beach hotels, resorts and airport hotels has inaugurated up across the city. Furthermore, there are number of hotel developments are under construction or near to be completed soon ranging from 7 star hotels to 3 star hotels. However, hotel apartments in Dubai continue to be a great accommodation solution that is high on comfort and low on budget, quite unlike Dubai hotels.

The best thing about hotel apartments is that you can find them in business hubs of the city including Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. At first sight you may think that hotel apartments are expensive for longer stay at Dubai as compared to apartments. But you cannot ignore the facilities and advantages it offers to renter that other standard apartments fails to provide.

Hotel Apartments

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Dubai Hotel Apartments

Hotel Apartments 
Experience a bit of our ambience and discover our sense of style, innovative design, and love for luxury with our serviced hotel apartments located in key locations in Dubai.
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