International City District is an inspirational project of Al Nakheel Development that has built with the aim to create a magnificent city with in the Dubai City. It is located in the region of Al Warsan along the Dubai-Hatta Road in the city. The community is located between interchange of 5 and 6 of Emirates Road. International City District is the most desirable place to live because of its ideal location within the very close vicinity to the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable Market and the city centre. The project is spread over the area of 800 hectares executing an extensive range of retail opportunities, business activities and tourist attractions in a highly exotic environment. The major key elements of International City project are taken from different parts of world with aim to prove Dubai’s reputation as an idyllic international state representing its capability to accommodate people from all corners of the world.

Its name International City truly represents that this community is a house for the people belong to different nationalities and diverse cultures. The district displays a perfect view of a country themed architect in every building, fun places and tourist’s attractions. The comprehensive design of the whole development is based on layers of complex traditional patterns of Middle East. The whole development consist of studio apartments, one and two room residential units along with complete range of basic life amenities of accommodation, employment, shopping, fun and leisure activities within the community. Such features make this community a complete city within the city.

International City’s Districts

International City’s Districts are mainly classified in to six types of districts based on the property types available there for utilizing diverse range of purposes that ranges from residential, commercial, recreational and business. Whereas, the residential district is again subdivided into ten different subunits or sub districts on the basis of varied architectural design of every specific sub-district in residential district.

  • Residential District
  • Central District
  • Dragon-Mart Complex
  • Lake District
  • Forbidden City
  • Dubai Gates

Residential District

The primary aim of design and development of this district is to provide accommodation for people across every corner of the world. It has a number of country specific residential developments and retail outlets. Other facilities include medical centers, shops, police station, post office, restaurants and transportation services. Moreover, residential districts are further sub-divided into ten precincts, which include Emirates, China, Russia, Italy, France, England, Morocco, Spain, Greece and Persia.

Central District

The Central District is the centre of commercial activities, which spread across 21 hectares. It has built to provide modern business facilities for wholesalers and retailers along with highest infrastructure. With high level of security, this district provides ample space for wholesalers to establish their shops. Independent developers can purchase plots available in this district. Owners are allowed to construct their own projects. An Eleven story multipurpose building with shops, car parking and residential units and a thirty-forty floor tower housing corporate offices are some of the outstanding developments of this district.

Dragon-Mart Complex

Dragon-Mart Complex is spread over 50 hectares. It is a huge trading mall that has designed to build in the shape of colourful dragon. It mainly offers an easy access for tradesmen of China to supply their products in the Middle East and North African Markets. This mart serves as a permanent place for exhibition and business place for Chinese companies and traders. It was inaugurated in 7th December 2004. In addition to this, it possesses various shopping areas, showrooms, huge parking space and restaurants that makes it a suitable place for tourists also. Tourists can also enjoy shopping of huge variety of Chinese products including home appliances, household items, stationery, textile, toys, footwear and other general merchandise products.

Lake District

The Lake District is spreads over the area of 100 hectares of lush green landscape that touches with Serene Lake. The district and Public Park is just perfect to relax. It has 24-26 buildings that consist of apartments (2-3 bedroom duplexes), 2 restaurants, small retail outlets and boating facilities on still water. The Lake District is very suitable to spend fun and entertainment activities for residents and tourists visiting this place. The district is home for approximately 200 species of birds, which also include few of the most exotic and rare birds found in UAE and few parts of Asia.

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City covers an area of 240,000 square meters, which is specifically designed to build a wonderful recreational space to attract tourists. The district is replica of iconic Forbidden City of Beijing in China. The sub-district will possess residential units and performing courts, museum and retail outlets with huge parking area. Its central court housed “Pagoda” that has built an authentic Chinese restaurant.

Dubai Design Centre (Dubai Gates)

Dubai Design Center or Dubai Gates works to provide permanent and temporary places for exhibitions and it surrounds three sides of the Internet City. It also has two hotels with three to four hundred rooms in each with aim to provide residence for people who arrived to take part or enjoy exhibitions. Exhibitors get good opportunities to display their products to true international audience in the city.

International City district is one of the unique destinations in the Emirate of Dubai. Its diversity makes it very unique place for living, working and tourism. It is one of the most sought after residential destination among families visiting Dubai. It allows its residents to enjoy stylish and comfortable living at affordable prices.