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Situated in the heart of London's commuter belt, Bracknell, a part of the Bracknell Forest area, is in a prime location for investment. The current population of Bracknell is 84,000, although it is currently going through a population boom and is expected to increase to 141,000 by 2039. It is conveniently located on the M4 corridor, which has been named as the Silicon Valley of the UK due to a large number of major tech companies within the Bracknell Forest area, including HP, General Electric, and many more. Bracknell is in the heart of this technology superhub, making it an ideal location for employees of these companies. Being on the London commuter belt, Bracknell also has excellent transport links to the capital, taking just 51 minutes to get to Paddington by train, which is certainly attractive to London commuters.






expected population by 2039


51 minutes

to Central London



major technology companies

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Bracknell Redevelopment.

The town is currently undergoing a massive regeneration project which involves an estimated cost of £750 million, making it one of the largest urban regeneration schemes built in the UK. The project aims to provide brand new services, with money being spent on healthcare, leisure, transport links. New affordable homes, as well as a completely redeveloped town centre.The redevelopment project has been well received and as such has won numerous awards. Despite the rapid growth in population, the close proximity to London, as well as the thriving tech industry in Bracknell, the redevelopment will help create 9,050 new jobs, meaning that employment rate forecasts remain positive and above the national average.

£750 million

regeneration project


forecasted employment rate


jobs to be created by March 2021

£30 million

investment in Princess Square and The Deck

Bracknell property market.

The combination of Bracknell's redevelopment, its close proximity to London, as well as its centrality to the UK's thriving technology hub, means the town has an increasing demand for property. This demand is due to its ability to tap into a large renter base from both London commuters and the highly-skilled workers from the numerous technology companies in the area.

Property prices have seen a 249% increase in the past 20 years, which is set to continue increasing alongside the growing demand for property, with another 17% of growth being forecasted within the next 5 years. All of this makes Bracknell a highly attractive location for property investments with high potential for large capital gains.

Seven Palm Residences


property price increase in the last 20 y

Seven Palm Residences


forecasted growth in property prices

Seven Palm Residences


expected capital growth

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