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Liverpool is one of the UK's largest cities, home to several world-class universities, and a large, young population. Liverpool's economic activity is dominated by the service sector, which accounts for 60% of all employment, both in the public and private sectors, with prominent sectors including public administration, education, health, banking, finance and insurance sectors. It is also an attractive location for self-starters and new businesses, with the city being named as one of the top 3 locations in the UK in which to start a business.



population (2019)



expected population by 2030



population between 17-29 y



world-class universities

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Liverpool Redevelopment.

Liverpool, whilst already established, is undergoing a period of rapid growth. There has been an increasing investment in different areas of the city. This includes investment into the Liverpool Waters project, which aims to convert the derelict docks, which will regenerate 2.5km of Liverpool's waterfront. This will massively increase the amount of business space Liverpool has, as well as help transform Liverpool into a thriving trade hub. There has also been further investment into Liverpool's Knowledge Quarter which has further helped turn Liverpool into a thriving business centre. The city has a large service sector, as well as becoming a new hub for tech start-ups. Together, this will push innovation and create thousands of new jobs and encourage more people to move to Liverpool.

£128 million

invested in new developments

£5.5 billion

investment into the Liverpool Waters


of the workforce is in the service sector


technology start-ups

Liverpool's real estate market.

In order to cope with the increasing population, especially younger professionals, there have been a number of new developments. One of these is the Roscoe development, which comprises 88 stylish apartments situated in the heart of Liverpool's city centre.

The new project is designed to cater for Liverpool's growing population of young professionals and students looking for modern and conveniently located city centre living.

The development is situated in the Knowledge Quarter, which has been experiencing a large amount of development. Predicted increases in both rent and capital gains makes Liverpool's real estate industry a strong and stable area for investment.

Seven Palm Residences


expected rental income increase by 2023

Seven Palm Residences


expected house prices increase by 2023

Seven Palm Residences

5 of the top 15

UK postcodes to invest in are in Liverpool

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